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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 8, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the bay and sea wall debris indicate the jet hit well short of the landingsing area. new cell phone video gives us our best look of the moments. we have tale coverage. len ramirez, much more. first, anna notarangelo on what those first responders saw as they arrived. >> reporter: we are hearing from the first responders and other emergency personnel with very little regard to their own personal safety went into that plane even though it was on fire and fuel was leaking. >> oh my god. >> the communication from the tower was alert 3, alert. plane crash. plane crash. >> i saw smoke and dust in the air. >> all you could see was dark
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smoke filling the sky. you could see the plane was on its belly. >> with adrenaline flowing, the first on the scene encountered a very surreal yet dangerous site. passengers were coming out of the chute and jet fuel out of the plane. >> the plane was gushing with fuel next to us. we were like get out here. let's go. >> san francisco firefighter was assigned to the crash house, one of three fire stations located at the airport. it took her rig less than a minute to arrive. >> it was an organized chaotic. >> she and her fellow firefighters sprang the slides with foam and knocked down a fire. then they sprinted up the chute to get into the plane to rescue passengers. in the back they spotted those who were unable to get out. >> we had elderly. we had a woman with a gentleman
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who was standing over her. we had somebody that was partially trapped. as it turns out, there was a small person stuck between the seats. >> also on board, san francisco police officer jim cunningham who with entered without any protech have gear. >> i didn't think about it. i just knew those -- protective gear. >> i didn't think about it. >> reporter: keep in mind, of the 317 people on box 123 were able to walk away from this wreckage. 225 emergency first responders reacted to the call. some same on their days off. allen, they came from not only the airport but also san francisco and san mateo county. >> ann, we also heard officer cunningham went back into the plane when it was on fire? >> reporter: yes. remember, he is the officer who did not have any protective fear on him. he said he heard there were 50 people still missing.
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he said his heart dropped so he went back inside. he was coughing. it was very thick in smoke. he said at one point he almost started crying because he thought maybe these people had been killed because of a mistake they made. he said they did get everybody out. that was a mistake. >> ann, thank you. ntsb investigators are working to zero in on the cause of the disaster. a major focus is on the speed of the sweat liner as it approached the airport. kpix 5's len ramirez has more with the latest. len. >> reporter: elizabeth, investigators say it is rare that just one thing goes wrong in an air disaster like this, so they are looking at a possible combination of factors, including the big question, what caused the airplane to slow to a near stall when it was supposed to land. >> this crew wases have -- vesterred in for a straight in
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final visual approach. >> the head of the national transportation safety board said so far all indication esiason point to what should have been a routine landing. information shows that at 1600 feet elevation pilots disengage the auto pilot to land by hand. that was 82 seconds before impact. at 1400 feet the plane's air speed was 170 or about 105 miles an hour p. by 125 feet elevation the recorder shows air speed was down to 112 knot or 130 miles an hour and pilots started moving the throttle forward just eight seconds before impact. three seconds before hitting the ground, the plane recorded the slowest air speed of 115 miles an hour. the data also shows engines were at 50% power and increasing. when it crashed the plane was
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moving about 122 miles an hour, some 36 miles per hour under the recommended landing speed. >> this aircraft is significantly slower than their target approach speed of 137 knots. >> that is about 158 miles per hour. >> 137 knots is the speed they want to have when they cross the threshold of the runway. >> ntsb chairwoman says it is only one aspect of a multipoint investigation into the causes of the crash landing that killed two passengers and injured 182 others. investigators will also be interviewing the plane's four pilots and reviewing everything they did three days before the flight. >> in our investigations we are often looking for things that might affect human performance, like fatigue, illnesses or medication, health issues. so we will be looking at all of those things to see if there are any impacts on their
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ability to perform their jobs. >> she says pilots got an emergency crash warning four seconds before impact pane one and a half seconds before impact pilots called for a go- around. >> that means they want to abort the landing and go around in the air and try to make the landing again. >> favor got the chance. the cockpit voice recorder has been sent toe for analysis p. investigators are reviewing several videos of the crash taken by airport cameras as well as cell phone and video recorded by others. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> you can see the wreckage of the airplane on the runway here at sfo as other planes come and go during flight operations here. the faa is also recording that the airplane did not have an abnormally steep decent. it is a real mystery as to what
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caused the 75 to crash. >> lots to come on that. len, we have heard about this pilot with limited 777 experience. any word about the other pilot on board. >> there was another cap pain on board there were two full crews. captains and two first officers that were on board. we don't know exactly if all of them were in the cockpit at the same time. that question was asked today. the ntsb did not have an answer for that, but tore captain presumably did have a lot more experience and was sort of the driver's ed training pilot in this case. but we don't know exactly how much experience that other pilot had or the first officer and what may have caused this crash. >> all right, len. thank you. investigators are checking video to determine low pressure a rescue truck ran over waniest two teenage girls killed in the crash. initial indications from airport surveillance is being
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described as, quote, nonconclusive. the coroner's autopsy is expected to tell how the girl died. fire officials reported the possibility of the accident on saturday. the families of the two teens are on their way from china. more on the plane crash in a few minutes, including the urgent need for flood donations. the opening of the new bay bridge will be delayed for months. the work, needing to repair the bad bolts will push the grand opening well into december. kpix 5's phil matier tells us why it comes with a whole new set of problems. >> reporter: that's right. labor date will not happen. >> after months of study and speculation, it is official. >> we are announcing today a postponement of the new east span. >> though not entirely unexpected, the news did not go
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over well with lawmakers who are already frustrated by repeated delays and rising cost. >> 1998 i voted for this design. many staff toledos it would be done by 2003. we are now at $6.3 billion, 10 years late and now we will be later still. >> why did these things go wrong, because we cannot make the same mistakes twice. i think there is a lot of glaring problems with this project. >> it appears caltran can't get the bolt installed. >> essentially you might look at it as our belt broke and we are putting on some suspenders. we need to get the suspenders fabricated and installed. we currently forecast, our contractor does, that that work will be done about the middle
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of december. >> moving the final phase to win they are months, however, presents -- winter months, however, presents more problems. >> we have a retrofit that we need to get built and installed and we need to do it right. >> if there was any good news in the report, it was that it does not appear to be any problem with the other bolts being questioned. >> we believe we have passed that window. >> reporter: there was some debate the old bridge. they say even without the fix the new bridge is safer. but in the end they decided to put it off. phil matier kpix 5. how a malfunction trapped
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crew. the brave flight attendant who carried a passenger out on our back. how passengers are coping with a third day of cancellations at sfo. plus, taking advantage of triage difficult we investigate the sky high rates at sfo hotels. why the price hike may not be what it seems. pleasantton in the 90s. palo alto 75. find out when all of us will cool down. that's coming up. ,, excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill.
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did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? at bay area hospitals today 's crash. more than two dozen passengers from flight 214 are still being treated at bay area hospitals today following saturday's crash. at last check 71 patients remained at san francisco general. six of them are in critical condition. stanford medical center is treating 10 patients with one
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in critical. three patients rerain at the three cpmc hospital. they are listed in stable conditions. again, most of the patients are at sf general. this morning our cameras caught up with survivors this afternoon. >> they met at the marriott in san jose. the consul general offered the students visas, passports and other documents for no cost. many passengers lost important documents because of that plane crash. the chinese students were headed to summer camp in southern california. a group of scotts valley martial artist are home safe after surviving that crash. one member says the plane was coming down sharply and then he heard early part big boom. we stopped pictures the head quarters today, found all these well wishes on the door.
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many injured survivors in survived gent need of blood. blood centers opened three of its bay area locations yesterday. now, the center is asking for more donors, especially people with type o negative and ab types of blood. airport operations are still not back to normal are dozens more flight cancellations today. we will talk to stranded passengers just ahead. even worse than stranded passengers, prices almost double at somefo hotels. what may really -- sfo hotels. what may be really behind the price spikes.
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here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! (male announcer) break the monotony. visit surface today... and one fl attendant is being called a hero. dramatic details of the evacuation of asiana flight 214 are surfacing today. one flight attendant is being called a true hero. he was calm. said she was only thinking about rescuing the next passenger. despite a broken tailbone, she worked to put out the fire and get people out of the plane after it crashed. in fact, she was the last one off the burning plane. >> we are policemen, firemen, nurses. we don't just serve drinks and food. our main objective on that plane is to be the first
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responders and get off the airplane. >> we're also told two evacuation slides inflated inside the plane when it crashed pinning two flight attendants to the floor. they say crew members deflated the slides with axes, saving their colleagues. run way at sfo will be closed indefinitely. because of that some arrivals are still delayed by two and a half hours. operations are normal at oakland. kpix 5's mark sayer tells us it could still take awhile. mark. >> reporter: well, elizabeth, the number of flight cancellations here at sfo was substantial. they report that 50 out bound and 30 inbound flights were flat out canceled. despite the numbers, things are still better than they have been. >> with his passport in hand, he hopes today is finally the day he gets to go home.
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>> when i came here the flight said canceled. >> chad was supposed to fly home yesterday. the gad news for him, he has family in the bay area, so he had a place to stay. he says the delay has been inconvenient but he is taking it all in stride. >> i have my job tomorrow. i start my day late now. >> missing work, huh? >> yeah. one day. >> others were not so lucky. the sfo officials estimate about 200 people spent the night at the airport last night, down if about 800 saturday night. as afternoon went on, flights were canceled. check in and security lines mostly operated normally at both term 23458s two and three where united and american have operations. may miller is trying to get home to dallas and so far her flight has had two separate delays, but she will take that as good news.
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>> the first was an hour. the second was the same. almost five hours. >> are you optimistic? >> i'm nothing right now. >> other delayed passengers say they are just doing the best they can under the circumstances >> we got here around 7:00ish and they told us it has been changed. we woke up really early today to be here on time. >> reporter: the sfo duty manager says there is simply no way to accurately predict when all this will subside because the one runway remains closed. reporting live at sfo, i'm mark sayer kpix 5. a lot of stranded travelers are paying higher than normal prices for hotel rooms. >> this morning rooms were going for more than $300 a night on travelocity. other hotels near the airport
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are also charging what seemed to be more than usual rates. this traveler said her room 24 rate more than double. >> their explanation was that it was business travel because on monday the businessmen come in. >> the san francisco travel association says while there have been some price hiccups, most of the price is because of peak travel season. hotels are offering don'ts to visitors affected by the asiana crash. we have put a list on our website >> a lot of people affected. a silver lining in all this, if there is one, the weather. >> reporter: it has been wonderful out there. not hot, not cold. we have plenty of sunshine. temperatures are been pretty awesome the past couple days. you remember the heat last week. that is gone and not coming back. even inland spots, mainly sunny. a little bit above normal.
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you hit the 90s today. san jose will stay very close to normal. livermore, you're the hot spot. 90. santa rosa 78. when you wake up tomorrow morning, mid 50s. that's pretty much where we will be throughout the b. san jose tomorrow morning 57. when the sun comes up in san francisco at 5:56 tomorrow morning it will be cool. the four corners ridge, new mexico, arizona, piping in some warm but not hot air. that will continue for two more days. you will have it again tomorrow and wednesday. changes coming up as soon as thursday. low pressure approaches
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southern british columbia. this this will enhance the on shore flow. trending cooler but not until thursday. mild and sunny for the mentally competent couple days. we will get a little cooler -- for the next couple days. we will get a little cooler coming up. we will stay very close to average for the next several days. san francisco 67. san jose you will hit 86. palo alto 80. walnut creek, san ramon, oakland 75. hot spot will be lakeport. 98. windsor 86. we stay mild for the next couple days. notice the drop inland on thursday, friday and saturday. a little bit cloudier cruise. all in all, this is trouble
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makers cruise control weather. >> thanks. it is a war zone in canada after a deadly train explosion. dozens still missing. the dangers slowing the search for survivors. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bart confirms.. both sides be meeting with mediators throughout the week.. but contract negotiations won't b.a.r.t confirms both sides will be meting with mediators throughout the week. contract negotiations won't happen until friday. if they can't reach a deal, another walk out could happen in early august. this morning workers protested outside the general manager's home demanding that she return the $20,000 raise she received last year. 40 people still missing following a massive train explosion in canada over the weekend. right now 13 confirmed dead.
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officials say it is too dangerous to start searching that area. crews making sure the flames are out while trying to stop thousands offal listensover oil from spilling into the waterway esiason. nearly 2,000 people living nearby have been evacuated. deadly clashes between the military and pro-morsi protesters. the military ousted the president last week. egypt's interim president has set deadlines for february. more on that after the cbs evening news with scott pelly. ,,,,,,
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extra responsibility. but wt do you really need to do du a mid-air emergency... if 'e sitting in the exit row? "1:03:58 it will be at least months before federal offic find out why this plane land in the bay" digging into our archives..e found one of the most memore plane crashes, ever, at s-f. what went wrong, back in 19. those stories, and much mor- tonight at 6 o'clock. thanks for watching. the cbs evening news with s pelley is next. remember the latest news and weather is always on kpix dot-com. from 12p sf first responder chrissy the communication fm the tower was, alert 3, ale, plane crash, plane crash track: thrown into the middf a
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>> pelley: to >> pelley: tonight, the final seconds of flight 214. sy was the plane flying so dangerously slow? arneabout the pilot.hat we've analysis from veteran captain sully sullenberger, and anna werner on the rescue. >> when i got out of the plane, people were saying "run, run, run." and we just ran. >> pelley: dozens are killed protesting the ouster of egypt's president. clarissa ward in cairo on a deepening crisis. mark strassmann on the zimmerman was l. who was that screaming on the tr1 tapes? trayvon martin's father takes r windand. and the war winds down but americans are still dying in afghanistan. elaine quijano with a father's story. >> i am thankful that i was over >> there to be able to escort her home. to bring my little girme


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